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 Guitar playing advice

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PostSubject: Guitar playing advice   October 15th 2010, 13:28

Hello all,

A question to anyone that can answer it about some guitar playing.

Lately i've been practicing a lot of easy songs and they are going quite well, the lead samples anyway.
For instance i'm trying to learn the entire Blut im Auge song, by the use of these tabs

The entire intro is going well, and goes relatively (been playing for half a year i guess) well.
The problem starts when i'm reaching the rhythm part at #13.
For some reason i have a hard time to get the following right.

Its the powerchord, then 4x the low-e string then the powerchord again,
then into the e-minor shape and the low estring again for 4 times,
then there is another powerchord which has the same pattern.

But then there is the same powerchord in the beginning only then 6x the low e-string.
Why am i struggling on the rhytm!!!!
Its driving me insane here, the problem is i can get it sounding a bit, but this isn't the only time i'm struggling heavily on a simple rythm riff.
Is there any way to get this down right? (already practicing a lot)

Is it even strange i have had pretty much zero problems getting the intro right, and then failing that hard on rhythm?

Thanks in advance if you have something to say / suggest which could get me more familiar with rhythm stuff!
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Metal Master
Metal Master

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PostSubject: Re: Guitar playing advice   October 16th 2010, 13:45

Well one really hard thing fore beginners is to pick right. Do really master alternate picking.
Are you able to do that properly? If not...just make some technical exercises. Check out some youtube videos.
First of all I would recommend you to play only the low e string. not all 3 strings. So that you get the rythm right. Once you got it you can go on and play the whole power chords.
I really learned this stuff by playing heaven shall burn stuff? I can really recommend you the song "counterweight". Their riffs are always shredding fast on one string so you get the whole thing pretty soon. It really made me master this stuff.
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Posts : 239
Points : 364
Join date : 2010-06-09
Age : 32
Location : *points* there

PostSubject: Re: Guitar playing advice   October 16th 2010, 14:28

Thanks for the response, i'll start with the song Counterweight tomorrow.
Alternate picking is something i'm trying to use but far am from calling myself "good" at it.

I'll post in this topic how its gonna go ;-)
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PostSubject: Re: Guitar playing advice   

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Guitar playing advice
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